What is Vaastu Shastra

The Vaastu Shastra means ‘The Science of building’ it is not just

calculation and physical dimension but relates to Indian Philosophy,

religions and cosmic energy. It deals with 9 Grahas ( Planets), 12

Raashis (Sun Signs), 12 Houses and 27 Nakshatras (constellations).

It is science discovered by our great saints and sages. On complete

application of Vaastu we can assure more happiness and prosperity.

Basic Concept–

Ideal proportion between length and wid for houses and building should be 1:1, 1:1.25, 1:1.5

Slope of the plot should be from west to east or south to north.

Shape of the plot:Square,rectangle,circular,hexagonal,bhadrasan are considered auspicious while oval,triangle,parallelogram,star,trident,mridanga,semi circular and wheel shaped are considered unauspicious and should be avoided rectified.

For commercial Singh Mukhakar is considered auspicious while Ga Mukhakar is good for houses.

South-West side should be heavier denoting Moon part while North

East should be lighter denoting Sun.

Balance of five elements i.e. Air,Water,Earth,Fire and Space is what Vaastu all about.

Eight directions i.e.Four main:East ,West,North and South Four sub direction: NE,SE,NW,and SW

Are equally important.Each direction is important in Vaastu.

A plot is divided into nine parts denoting nine planets.

The plot is distributed into 9*9 grid making 81 houses.


Creation of Vaastu Purush-Vaastu Purush was created by sweat drop of Shiv.He was a cruel and

devoured everything on his way.So all the deities collectively threw him to the ground.So it is

believed the he resides in every plot or house or building with his head towards Noth East,feet in

South West.45 deities held his body,13 from within and 32 from outside his body area.Names written in chart above.

Importance of Brahmasthala:Centre of a plot must be clean,clear with no nails,pillars,pegs,heavy objects.Centre should be charged placing Tulsi plant.

Importance of Geometric shape –Any plot if extended or cut should be remedised using appropriate

tools.Specially extension or cut of North West and South West .Extension of South East is harmful while reduction of South east is favourable if it leads to extension of North east.

Cut of North East should be remedised immediately while extension of North East is favourable.

Junction or ‘T’ point –Plot with junction on any side is considered to be poor Vaastu quality.Must be avoided or Remedised.

Modern Vaastu is unique method of finding the root cause of any problem and solutions there on.

There are many tools such a pendulum, stick or rod but most popular tool is pendulum.


Dowsing or diving is on of the oldest sciences being rediscovered and holds promise for at least the next many decades.

We use pendulum which directly connects to our intuitive mind it moves on its own without any physical efforts on our part. It give answers from our unconscious mind. It helps in find out the answers or root cause of any problem whether relates to present and past.

On diagnosis of a problem, it give best possible solutions. The solutions may be very simple such as Aroma Therapy, Colour Therapy, Telepathy through herbs and medicines.

Vaatu Dowsing is a method in which we come to know whether there is any negative disturbance in the site visited.

Why Vaastu?

Problems in our life relates to Health,Education,Wealth and Relationship.These problems are universal.For a happy being,root cause of any problem should be diagnosed and remedised thereon.

Vaastu Shastra covers all the problem areas whether relates to Health ,Wealth,Education and Relationship