Detailes of Remedies offered

Pyra vaastu:-

Pyra Vastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra.It is based on the essential principles of the subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe.Here we utilise our own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow.

Pyra vastu yatra has a wide application.It offers easy solutions to complex problems.We can explore the following with pyramid yantra:

1.Home and Protection:Our aim is to build a Spiritually protected house from evils energies.

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2.Kitchen and Health:Kitchen being core of the house must be protected and perfect according to vaastu.


3.Bedroom and relationship:Evils caused by attached W/C and mirrors in bedroom is protected by Pyra yantra.


5.Office and Business:By applying simple Pyra vastu remedies,we can achieve success in our business.



6.Factory and Money:Problems such as Labour,finance and production can be remedised using Pyra yatra.



7.Shop and sales:Placement of Pyra yatra can fulfil your sales requirement by many folds.

8.Personal fortune and Vehicle safety :Using Pyra Yatra you manifest luck and fortune and can ensure safety against accidents.

There are other areas which can be secured using Pyra Vaastu methods as per the requirements of clients.

Feng Shui:-

Feng Shui is an important Chinese Vaastu method which is now popular all over the world.It ensures balance between Water and Wind which is essential element in our life and Nature.

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It is a method by which thousands of people have gained benefits by just a small change.e.g.rearrengement of desk,furniture,change in colour and shape or placement of symbolic objects.

Use of Crystal Balls,Laughing Buddha,Coins ,Lotus,Bagua,Dragon,Cyramid, Wind Chimes Etc. are few items used.

The basis used here is to wipe negative energy and attract positive energy.

Other methods:-

Other methods used are Colour Therapy,Aroma Therapy, Plant Vaastu,  Herbs etc.

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as per requirement and budget of client if the problem is beyond Vaastu.