Arham Vaastu

1. Pre Survey :– Arham Vaastu ask for map or drawing of the building (Home, Office, Shop, Showroom, and others) from the client. If no drawing available with the Client, we ask for the rough map of the site with the rough drawing. We dowse to know the negative zone in the site. This method unique in Arham Vaastu. It ensures fair and correct survey.

2. Surveyor visit:- Arham Vaastu expert personally visits your building (Home, Office, Shop, Showroom and other). They will inspect and make a detailed building plan of the entire building. This includes directions, interiors placements, objects and infrastructure etc.

3. Analysis Report : – After the survey, Vaastu consultant gives reports containing the problems ( Dosh) of present which you are facing and will be in future related to Vaastu faults and their rectification solutions without demolitions.

4. Meet your Arham Vaastu Expert:- We draw upon the knowledge resource of Arham Vaastu for expert diagnosis of your problem and identify optimum solution to give your quick result.

5. Complete Vaastu:- If you are going to construct a new house or office or factory or hotel, it is always advisable to ensure Vaastu compliance in the structure right from beginning to get the best results and avoid any structural changes later.

6. Remedies Given:- Arham Vaastu provides complete, Economical remedies without any demolition. They plant pyramid, yantras Fengshui Items and modern methods tools like colour, Aroma, Herb Therapy etc. These solutions are unique and guarantee complete Growth, Happiness and Prosperity .