Marine Superintendent / Port Captain Attendance

1) Attendance of vessel during loading and discharging
2) Stowage planning
3) Stevedoring supervision
4) Liaison with shippers, Consignees, agents & owners.
5) Expediting turnaround of vessels in port.
6) Daily reporting to client… on vessels performance.

Benefits of employing a Port Captain include faster turnaround less damage,  more  accurate  tally,  cargo  condition  reports/ surveys, improved safety, better cargo care, reduced stevedoring or handling costs. We have acted in the capacity of Supercargoes /Port Captains with  the main  function  of  ensuring  the  quick  dispatch  of vessels, proper  stowage  & securing  confirming  to the  highest standards of carriage of steel cargoes at sea, minimizing claims  and reducing the vessel  stay at  disports. The cargoes  handled  by  us  include  Pipes (Coated and Bare) , Hot Rolled  Coils, Cold  Rolled Coils , Galvanized Coils , Wire  Rods in  Coils, Plates , Sheets , Billets  and all  types  of Bagged  and  Bulk  cargoes. We  undertake  all  kinds  of  Dry  cargo
Superintendency attendances.

ISM/ISPS/Navigation Audit

1) Internal ISM audits of vessels
2) Internal ISPS/Security audits of vessels
3) Navigation audits of vessels
Provide detailed report of the audit with emphasis on grey areas and advice to deal with them.Internal audits of the safety management system helps companies to ensure that  their ships are complying with statutory requirements as well  as  company  requirements/procedures, identify  risks, improve their systems, prepared  for third party audits.

Pre-Vetting Inspection

A good ranking in the OCIMF/SIRE Database is an essential toolfor independent owners of tanker vessels in order to ensure employment for their  vessels. A  Pre-vetting  Inspection  can  help minimizing  or even  eliminating  the  risk  of  negative  observations during  a SIRE Vetting,  thus  maintaining  a  low  observation  score in the database. During a Pre-vetting Inspection we visit the vessel and perform  an in-depth inspection covering  all  areas on board in relation to  the SIRE Vetting  programme  with   special  focus  on   the  Vessel   Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) in  order  to  prepare  the  essel for an upcoming vetting.

The overall objective is to identify any deficiencies which, according to the inspectors  experience, are likely  to  cause a  negative  response during a SIRE Vetting. During  the  inspection the crew responsible for the various  departments on board  is  given  on the  spot guidance in order to prepare them best possible for a vetting.

The Owner  is  provided  with a detailed report with  recommendations after completion of the Pre-vetting Inspection. The Master is provide with  a  summary  and  guidance  prior  to   the  inspector  leaving  thevessel. 

Pre-Rightship Inspection

In a world where the physical condition of the ship coupled with vesselmanagement systems determine the eventual outcome of the voyage, it is important  for the  charterer to get an all round  evaluation  of the prospective vessel before they are hired. Our superintendents conduct Pre-Rightship inspection to ensure better rating.

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Vessel Inspection

1) Pre-Purchase Inspection
2) Condition Evaluation Inspection
3) Charter On-Off Hire Inspection
4) Flag State Inspection
5) Pre-Port State Control Inspection

Condition Assessment of vessels prior to purchase,  technicalmanagement or chartering has  become vital on ensure  trouble free commercial operations.Our experience,together with standardized reporting procedures, guarantees superior service.Thesesuperficialsurveys are aimed at the assessment of the actual technical condition of  ship  hull  and  machinery  by  visual   inspection, examining ships records. Results of surveys are presented in a form of written  report (either of standard layout or provided  by the Customer) in electronic format  and  as  a  hard copy. Enabling you to make the  right choice.Our experienced team of Masters and Chief Engineers well qualified to conduct Flag state inspection on behalf of Flags.

We  also conduct Pre-PSC inspection to assist vessels to avoid detention. The  ISM  code  has  empowered  the  Port  State Control inspectors considerably. So how can we minimize deficiencies or  avoid detention. By  understanding  and  knowing what is required for smooth PSC inspection. Our  superintendents  can assist vessel  to  achieve  Nil Deficiency even  from  tough  PSC  inpectors  like  AMSA, MCA, USCG.The  inspectors  at SeaShore Consultancy  have the necessary skills  to evaluate the  ships  condition and the  management system to give you the  larger  picture.

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On-Board Training

The maritime industry today  operates  in  a  fiercel competitiveenvironment  in  which  one  of  the  rigorous  benchmarks   for success  is  shipboard  safety. On board  training  for vessel’s  crew is  conducted  covering  the company’s  HSSEQ system. Our team of  trainers well qualified, experienced and fully conversant with industry requirements they can design  training  program  company/ship  specific  basis initial assessment.

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Implementation of SMS onboard

We undertake jobs  to  implement SMS onboard  New delivery/Newtakeover including assistance in Initial ISM / ISPS Audit . Oursuperintendent attends vessel prior delivery / takeover and carry out pre-delivery/takeover checks for smooth changeover, prepare vessel for initial audit ISM / ISPS, crew initial familiarizatio training,implementation  of SMS.

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Bunker Survey

The bunker quantity  survey is  known to  be  the  most thorough  fuel
measurement service in the market and involves.
1) Pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker barge and the
receiving vessel.
2)  Bunkering – related  safety  inspection  and  supervision  of  fuel
sampling preparations.
3) Monitoring of bunker delivery  and  fuel  sampling progress.
4) Post-delivery tank measurements  on bunker barge  and receiving
5) Calculations  of  fuel quantities transferred.

Our  bunker  surveyors  offer an independent  and  impartial  quantity
measurement  service  for  bunker fuels. We  provide  comprehensive
documentation  for  each  survey  to support  any shortage  claims  or
quality disputes.

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Technical Assistance

SeaShore  Consultancy  provides  various   value  addition   marine
engineering services aimed at reducing workload on  both  ship and
shore staff.
Services we provide:
1) Technical Superintendent attendance
2) Vessel upgradation
3) Dry dock and Repair Superintending assistance
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