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About Me

Dipti Jain Came into this profession by her own learning and experience. Born in Kanpur and bought up in a very religious and pious Hindu family, her childhood passed under the shelter of Hindu Guru’s and saints.

Got Married to a reputed Jain Family in Agra . She learnt various principles of Jainism. Attended lectures of Jain Guru’s and Shadvi’s. As devoted learner she kept searching for real truth of life.

She attended Buddhism meetings as well. Completed her course of Raj Yoga Meditation.This was the turning point of her life.She learnt meditation techniques and got connected to the true Saviour,the Supreme soul.
During the path of learning she learnt that our life in governed by
four aspects-
1- Destiny
2- Karma
3- Hard work
4- Vaastu Shastra
Destiny of a person is something we cannot alter or change.Whatever we have done in past will affect our present and future.

Karma can be change by doing right actions and positive thinking .Right association is very important.When we move with positive
and right people our life changes.

Hardwork is something which everyone nowadays, male or female is doing.But inspite of such hardwork people are not getting proper results.That is when Vaastu Shastra principles apply.

Vaastu Shastra, which she herself experienced while facing the ups and downs of life. She found that the environment or surrounding in which we dwell has a great impact on our life.

She studied various books, attended workshops and classes. She finally found that the diseases or problems occur in those who are with negative energy within and surroundings.
She did research on human mind, its negativity for others harm its own body.
Over 15 year of learning various school of Mythology, Vedas, Religions and Spirituality, she came to the conclusion that God is one and he who surrenders to almighty can get highest seat of learning.
So in her own words, “I surrender my life to God, the creator, and works as he guides me.”